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Applied Economics provides high level economic advice in a wide variety of public policy areas.

These include:

Education, energy, environment, health, heritage and culture, housing and commercial property, immigration, infrastructure, justice programs, labour markets, pricing policies, public expenditure and finance, social welfare programs, taxation, transport, urban and regional planning, and water supply.

Our Clients

Based in Sydney, Applied Economics has provided services to a wide variety of NSW clients.

These include NSW Treasury, Housing NSW, NSW Health, the NSW Motor Accidents Authority, NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal, NSW Family and Community Services, and the NSW Board of Adult and Community Education.

Commonwealth clients have included:

The Australian Department of Finance and Administration, the Office of Best Practice Regulation, the Australian Department of Health and Ageing, Infrastructure Australia, Food Standards Australia and New Zealand, and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

In Victoria, clients have included:

The Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources, the Department of Environment, Land Water and Planning, Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission, the Auditor-General Victoria, and the Essential Services Commission.

Other clients in Australia include:

ACT Electricity and Water Authority, Universities Australia, Australian Research Council, Certified Practising Accountants (CPA) Australia, University of NSW Unisearch, the Urban Development Institute of Australia, the Australian Local Government Association, Blacktown Council, the Australian and New Zealand School of Government, and the Taronga Conservation Society.

International clients have included:

UK Department for International Development, Crown Agents, UK, the Overseas Development Institute (London), the Asian Development Bank, Swedish International Development Agency, International East China Normal University, Peoples Republic of China Ministry of Education, Japan Government Centre for Local Municipalities, the Malaysian Economic Planning Unit, and the Shanghai National Accounting Institute.


Applied Economics consultancy work falls into three general categories:

They are not a full list. While much of our work is confidential, some published reports and papers presented to major conferences are available from the publications section of this site. Other reports may be available on request.

Public Economics and Policy

2010-Present: Sample Consultancies

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Fair Work Commission Four Yearly Review of Modern Awards: Expert Report.

Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Quarterly forecasts of demand for Australian passports.

Certified Practicing Accountants (CPA) Australia
Regular reports on the market for accountants and immigration regulations.

Commonwealth Government Cabinet, per Department of Finance and Deregulation
Strategic Review of Workforce Policies and Programs: Report (Cabinet -in- Confidence).

Commonwealth Department of Education, Australia 
“Economies of scale in supporting students from low socioeconomic status backgrounds in Australian higher education, Glenn Withers et al.

Infrastructure Australia
Report on the application of value uplift in cost-benefit evaluations.
Review of the real social discount rate.

Institute of Public Administration NSW
Regular two-day workshops on “Cost-Benefit Analysis” and one-day workshops on “Economics for Non-Economists”.

Jobs for NSW
Review of methodology for provision of state grants and loans.

Korea Development Institute, South Korea
Professional Development Programs for National Cyber Emergencies Policy, 2021, Glenn Withers. https://www.gdln.or.kr/sub/news/news_view.asp?listIdx=210

NSW Board of Vocational Education and Training
Report on trends in post-school qualifications and the policy implications.

NSW Treasury
Advised on major revision of cost-benefit analysis guide.
Cost-benefit analysis of mining projects.
Reports on value capture instruments and property transfer duties.
Report on developing values for use in CBA studies for NSW Treasury.
Reviews of cost-benefit guides for education, health and justice projects and programs.
Review of economics of sporting stadiums.

Public Interest Journalism Initiative
“Community Value of Public Interest Journalism Project.”

University of NSW Unisearch : Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors
Report on Casual and Part-time Employment in case before the Fair Work Commission.

Victorian Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources.
Report on discount rates for public sector projects.
Assessment of industry development schemes and policies.

Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance
Review of draft Economic Evaluation Guidelines manual.

Private sector clients
Cost-benefit workshops.

Some earlier consultancies

Auditor-General, Victoria
Cost-benefit analysis of Formula One Grand Prix.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Benchmarking the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Operations, relative to commercial and overseas public broadcasters.

Australian Heritage Commission
Report on Valuing the Public Benefits of Heritage Listing of Commercial Buildings.

Australian Department of Finance and Administration
Handbook of Cost Benefit Analysis (Revised edition published January 2006).

Australian Department of Industry, Tourism and Natural Resources
Report on economic models for use in evaluating aviation policy and tourism.

Australian Local Government Association
Report on Local Government in Australian: Role, Finance and Taxation.

Australasian Regional Association of Zoological Parks and Aquaria
Study of economic and social contribution of the zoological industry in Australia.

Australian Research Council
Advice on survey questionnaire for universities.

Business Council of Australia
Micro-economic reform progress, population policy and future directions of the economy, commissioned works. 

COAG Committee on Regulatory Reform
Guidelines for the review of regulation of the professions under national competition policy.

Dusseldorp Skills Forum
Report on benefits of Year 12 education and training and early employment.

Economic Planning Unit of the Department of the Prime Minister, Malaysia
Formulation of a Human Resource Development Masterplan for Malaysia.

Economic Society of Australia
Review of Rankings of Economic Journals and Preparation of Submissions to Australian Research Council.

Housing Industries Association
Analysis of Immigration Reform Options for submission to Government.

Independent Inquiry into Local Government in NSW
Preparation of papers on local government taxes and revenues.

Infrastructure NSW
Advice on economic evaluation of major cultural venues.

NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet
Review of Implementation of Nation Building and Jobs Plan in NSW.

NSW Motor Accidents Authority
Competition Review of the NSW compulsory third party (CTP) insurance scheme.
Development of a Financial Model of Insurer’s Business in a CTP insurance market.

NSW Treasury
Review of Proposed Vocational Education and Training Entitlement.
Submission to IPART Inquiry into Revenue Framework for Local Government.
Report on development of Perisher Village in the Kosciusko National Park.

NSW Zoological Parks Board
Report on economic impacts of zoos.

National Economic Action Council, Office of the Prime Minister, Malaysia
Impact of foreign workers on the Malaysian economy.

NSW Board of Adult and Community Education
Economic evaluation of adult and community education. 

NSW Department of Information, Technology and Management
Report on Regulation of Land Surveyors with regard to National Competition Policy.

NSW Local Councils
Financial Analysis of Proposed Amalgamation.

Productivity Commission
Review of Local Government Revenue Raising Capacity.

TAFE Directors Association
Economic Modelling of Vocational Education and Training.

Universities Australia
Economic Aspects of Higher Education Policies.

Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission
Workshops on cost-benefit analysis. 

Infrastructure, Transport and Environment

2010-present: sample consultancies

Barangaroo Delivery Authority
Preparation of draft business case for remediation of Barangaroo site, Sydney.

NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
Development of a detailed cost-benefit guide for the energy sector. 

NSW Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal
Advice on setting public transport prices, including treatment of third-party effects and GST.

NSW Department of Planning and Environment
Review of regional growth planning and sub-regional delivery plans.
Review of prioritisation of public infrastructure.
Economic evaluation of urban growth projects.

NSW Office of Environment and Heritage
Report on impacts of biodiversity charges on housing supply and prices.
Report on the value of air quality data collected by the Climate and Atmospheric Science Branch.
Review of proposed flood mitigation schemes for the Hunter region.
Advice on Coastal and Floodplain Management Guidelines.

NSW Treasury
Many reviews of major transport projects including Sydney Metro West and Parramatta Light Rail.
Pricing of public transport.
Economic evaluation of major transport corridors.
Report on wider economic benefits of transport infrastructure.
Cost-benefit analysis of raising the Warragamba dam (Sydney).
Report on economic impacts of development of Perisher Village in the Kosciuszko National Park.

Queensland Translink
Economics of ferry contracts across Queensland (in collaboration with McGrathNicol).

Transport for New South Wales
Valuation of Reputation Impact of Transport Cyber-Attack 2020-2021 (Glenn Withers with Peter Abelson and Greg Austin).

Uber / Ernst and Young
Provision of Independent Economic Expert report on the nature of UberX services prepared for Ernst and Young on behalf of Uber v ATO.

University of NSW Unisearch
Expert Advice Report on assumptions and forecasts in major legal case concerning North-South Bypass Tunnel in Brisbane.

some earlier consultancies

ACTEW Corporation
Benefit Cost Analysis of Undergrounding Overhead Electricity Wires in the ACT.
Report on Water Supply for the ACT: Review of Economic Appraisal Issues.

Asian Development Bank
Manual on Urban Environmental Management, for workshops for Mayors and senior officials in the 52 largest Chinese cities, and training of workshop presenters in China.

Australian, NSW and ACT governments
Economic evaluation of proposals for a high-speed train from Sydney to Canberra.

Australian Council for Infrastructure Development and Department of Transport and Regional Development
Manual on Financial Planning and Economic Evaluation for Infrastructure Development
 and presentation of workshops around Australia.

Commonwealth Bureau of Transport and Communication Economics
Report on target rates of return and discount rates for major transport projects.

Commonwealth Department of Defence and Landcom
Economic evaluation of proposed regional land development in Sydney.

Jones, Lang Wootton
Econometric model of commercial office rents in the Sydney CBD.

Melbourne Water
Workshop on economic evaluation of urban water programs.

National Parks and Wildlife Service
Preparation of Business Plan of Management of Kosciuszko National Park.

Newcastle City Council
Report on financing of urban infrastructure.

NSW Environmental Protection Authority
Delivered training course on economics of environmental management.

NSW Office of the Coordinator General of Rail
Economic evaluation of proposal by Australian Rail Track Corporation to take over the long-term management of NSW interstate rail system.

NSW Roads and Traffic Authority
Economic evaluation of proposed major development of Bells Line of Road, Sydney.
Economic evaluation of major freeways in Sydney (M2, M5, and M2-Gore Hill freeway).

NSW Treasury
Review of North-West Rail and Westconnex road network, Sydney.

Public Works Department, NSW Government
Financial analysis and pricing policy for the NSW Government mobile radio network.

Swedish International Development Agency
Report on urban environment aid strategy for India, with Environmental Resources Management (UK).

Sydney Ferries
Economic Evaluation of Proposed Replacement and Expansion of Ferry Fleet.

UK Crown Agents
Provision of Training Courses in the Economics of Environmental Management for the State Environmental Planning Administration (China).

UK Department for International Development, UK
Report on Use of Economic Instruments for Management of the Environment in Shanghai, for the Shanghai Environment Protection Bureau.

Urban Development Institute of Australia
Report on ‘Financing of Public Infrastructure for Urban Development’.

Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission
Review of work on transport congestion.

Social Welfare, Health and Housing

2010-present: sample consultancies

Blacktown Council
Reports on provision of cultural, social and recreational facilities

Commonwealth Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs
Review and modelling of the Costs of Long Day Care Centres across Australia.
Report on costs of family day care.
Report on factors affecting medium and high- density housing in inner and middle rings of cities.

Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care
Development of Community Pharmacy Remuneration Financial Model.
National Competition Policy Review of Pharmacy, analysis of submissions and costing methodology.
Report on Capital Expenditure for Diagnostic Imaging Services.
Study of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand
Report on Cost of Foodborne Disease.

Housing NSW
Economic and financial evaluation reports for social housing projects in Glebe, Lilyfield, Redfern and Newcastle.

Infrastructure NSW
Report on economic evaluation methods for major health and education projects.
Review of large capital investment in cultural venues.

Korea Development Institute, South Korea:
Professional Development Programs for Pandemic Policy Resilience, 2020.

NZ Food Safety Authority
Report on Estimating the Economic Costs of Foodborne Disease in New Zealand.

NSW Treasury
Developed a model of house prices across Sydney.
Economic evaluation of urban growth projects.
Major Report on Housing Costs and Policies with special reference to housing affordability.
Paper on valuing safety for dam projects.
Paper on valuing subjective well-being.
Reports on investment in human and social capital with special reference to health and education
Report on Economic Benefits of Human and Social Capital.
Report on Residential Building Activity in NSW.
Review of large capital investment in cultural venues.

PAYCE Communities
Financial analysis of major redevelopment of Riverwood housing estate.

Victorian Department of Environment Land Water and Planning.
Review of economics of regulated housing standards.

University of New South Wales Canberra
Social Science Dimensions of Cyber Security, 2018-2020.

some earlier consultancies

Australian Council of Social Services
Review of Housing Affordability.

Australand P/L
Preparation of forecasts of residential property prices for the float on the Australian stock exchange.

Commonwealth and State Governments
Comprehensive study of the Determinants of House Prices in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing
Report on The Annual Cost of Foodborne Illness. Published March 2006.
Report on the impacts of diversified training pathways for medical specialists on public health services.
Report: “Cost-Benefit Analysis of Proposed New Health Warnings on Tobacco Products”.
Major report on economic returns to public health programs to reduce coronary heart disease, lung cancer, infectious diseases, HIV/AIDS and road trauma.

Commonwealth Department of Health and the EnHealth Council of Australia
Preparation of Guidelines for the Economic Evaluation of Environmental Health, including case studies on water quality, sulphur dioxide emissions, swimming pool safety and Legionnaires’ disease.

Commonwealth Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs
Report on Factors Affecting the Development of Medium and High Density Housing in Inner and Middle Rings of Australian Cities.
Cost Benefit Analysis of the Community Stores Licensing Scheme in the Northern Territory.

Economic Planning and Advisory Commission
Report on funding of childcare services in Australia.

NSW Department of Planning
Assessment of housing demand and prices in Newcastle, NSW, for input to housing policy.

NSW Health
Economic evaluation of alternative locations for a new hospital in the Northern Beaches area, Sydney.
Economic and financial evaluation of proposed major development in major teaching hospitals.

Therapeutic Goods Administration, Department of Health and Ageing, Canberra
Report on cost recovery for the proposed joint Australian and New Zealand Therapeutic Goods Agency.