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About Us

Applied Economics is a
respected boutique economics
consultancy based in Sydney,
Australia with a reputation for providing quality reports,
efficiency & value for money.

The two principals of the firm, Peter Abelson and Glenn Withers, have held university professorships and have published well over 100 papers in refereed journals.

Founded in 1989, we have extensive experience over the past 30 years in advising the public and private sector on all aspects of public policy development and practice. The company partners with other firms or specialist consultants where required.

Our Values

Applied Economics has a strong background in economic research and practice and applies high professional standards and rigorous methods to solving practical problems.

We aim to provide well-researched, realistic and practical advice to clients. The level of detail is tailored to the needs of the client and project. Our reports are written in plain English. Importantly, the company has a reputation for efficiency and for producing reports on time.

Our Services

Applied Economics provides independent and objective professional advice to public and private sector clients in all areas of public economics and policy. We also conduct training courses and workshops on the principles and practice of economics with an emphasis on day-to-day applications.

Our three principal areas of service are:

icon public

Public Economics
and Policy

icon infra

Infrastructure, Transport
and Environment

icon health

Social Welfare, Health
and Housing

Recent Publications

Public Economics Book

Public Economics is the study of the role of government in the economy and in provision of social welfare.

This online (fourth) edition provides full text, open-access, to the contemporary and comprehensive text book.

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public economics book
Housing prices and rents in Australia 1980-2023: Facts, explanations and outcomes
Local Government in Australia with Special Reference to NSW
Cost-benefit analysis: Then and now

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